VIDEO: Pakistani immigrant restaurateur feeds poor, homeless in Washington DC for free


Pakistani restaurateur, Kazi Mannan, has been appreciated all over the world after a video of him feeding the poor and homeless at his restaurant Sakina Grill in Washington DC went viral.

The video, which has more than twelve million views, shows Kazi distributing food to those who can’t afford it free of cost while giving them the respect that a paying customer is given.

Many of his less fortunate customers are regulars who have known him for years and Kazi knows their orders by heart.

“Some of them have teeth problems so, we give them boneless chicken which is easy to eat,” says Kazi, who is courteous, kind and considerate to all.

In 2018, Kazi gave our 16,000 free meals.

“Once upon a time, I was in a similar situation where I did not have enough money to eat..,” he said of his motivation for his philanthropic cause.

“I want people to not have fear of loving others and caring for others and sharing,” he added.

Caroline Patrickis, the journalist behind the story, on Wednesday, shared her joy on Kazi’s social media success through another Facebook post and also shared Kazi’s reaction.

“I don’t want recognition because I am serving humanity until my last breath,” said a humble Mannan.