Poisonous liquor recovered during Mira Abadi distillery raid


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad police on Wednesday raided a distillery in Mera Abadi- Sector G12- and recovered a big quantity of poisonous liquor; however, they failed to trace the owners behind the conterfeit liquor.

The factory was raided after source reports by the Islamabad police on the directions of Superintendent Police (SP) Malik Naeem Iqbal.

The police team recovered 180 litres of brewed alcohol, 850 wine bottles, chemicals used for brewing alcohol, labels of different brands of alcohol as well as corks and other material used in the manufacturing process.

The police team also nabbed four bootleggers identified as Tanveer Masih, Arsalan Masih, Saim Masih and Munawar Babar Masih. “All of them are habitual criminals,” DSP Ramna Haq Nawaz told Pakistan Today.

He said that two of them had been issued challans for the same crime earlier, whereas Tanveer was also booked in three other cases of the same nature and had been convicted for years once.

However, he said that the accused, after completing their sentences or after paying the fine imposed by the honourable courts, start illicit lucrative businesses time and again.

Tanveer, while talking to this scribe said that he was running this business in the Mira Abadi since 2016. “I was often arrested by police for the aforesaid crime. I used to make 250 bottles of vodka and liquor of other brands every day and then sell it in the open market and to dealers,” he said.

He claimed that he was arrested by the police in Rawalpindi and Islamabad several times but managed to get himself out from the situation.

In another raid, Ramna police team arrested a drug pusher Waqas and recovered 200 grams of hashish and one gram of cocaine from him.