Ukrainian skier considers Pakistanis ‘most hospitable, welcoming’


Ukrainian skier Tetyana Tikun has said that Pakistanis are the “most hospitable, welcoming and kind” people she has met, Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported.

Tikun won the giant slalom and slalom (in FIS Category) in Chief of the Air Staff International Karakoram Alpine Ski Cup held at the Naltar Ski Resort in Pakistan.

“To everyone who loves to travel, but is full of media stereotypes, I highly recommend them to always trust their feelings and experiences only. There’s so much of the world that you still have to see. Pakistan is one of those countries that you fall in love with at first sight,” Tikun exclaimed.

She said that her love for Pakistan was forged through her interaction with the locals. She said that “they’re not spoiled with visitors, so they make sure you enjoy every minute of your stay. Any request we had, any questions we asked, they were always there for us with a warm smile on their faces”.

She said that the only disappointing thing about her trip to Pakistan was that “it only lasted eight days” and would love to come back someday.

She commended the Pakistan Ski Federation and Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for their hospitality. She added that she visited Pakistan for the first time in 2017 and it was her first ever tour to any South Asian country.

However, on her second visit, she noticed “a real change took place in infrastructure”.

She commented that “unlike any other competitions I’ve been a part of, these races were different because there was zero stress or worry about results” as she enjoyed “being in one of the most beautiful and underrated places on earth”.

She joked that the beauty of the Silk Route is “almost illegal”.