PLRA seeking upgradation of data server


LAHORE: The data storage capacity of Punjab Land Record Authority’s (PLRA) server has reached dangerous limits which can harm the precious data pertaining to digital land records whereas people have also been suffering from different problems at the Arazi Record Centers (ARCs) as data processing has become very slow, Pakistan Today has learnt through reliable sources.

Well-maintained sources in PLRA told Pakistan Today, “The central database server of PLRA has reached its maximum storage limit and has no further capacity to store data. The total capacity of the central server is 60 Terabytes (TB) while 56 TB has already been consumed whereas on average the ARCs and Registration of Deeds (RODs) are pushing 6.8 GB of data in the system per day.”

Sources further added, “The IT team of PLRA have been pushing the government to provide additional resources since January 2018 and even took up bidding in April 2018. However, neither the approval nor the funds have been granted for the expansion of infrastructure under the arguments such as Technical Review Requirement, General Election Restrictions, etc. IT teams are constantly pushing this matter with management but they have not received any concrete response so far.”

Sources were of the view that “CLRIMS”, the software which is using in the service centres of Punjab, has become slow and the people who visit ARCs are facing hurdles. If serious measures are not taken to upgrade the system, it can fail at any time and the data regarding land records can go to waste, sources added.

While talking on the same issue, PLRA Director General Aslam Rao told Pakistan Today, “This matter is in my knowledge and we are taking up the necessary measures. According to international standards, our database is in a critical situation. At the same time, the prime minister has given us the target to give access to commercial banks and our set targets of issuing online land registry are two months. Our server is in a very critical stage and we cannot take up new initiatives. We have talked to the chief secretary regarding this issue and we will award the contract of system upgradation within a week. I am sure this issue will be resolved within two to three months.”