VIDEO: Shoaib Akhtar to ‘teach kids what speed really is’ on Feb 14



Former Pakistani paceman Shoaib Akhtar, who is recognised as one of the fastest bowlers in the history of cricket, has said he will “make a comeback and teach kids of today what speed is” on February 14.

“Kids today think they know a lot and can challenge my speed. I want them to know that I am coming back and I will show them what speed really is,” the former cricketer said in a video message on his Twitter handle.


“I too will play league [cricket] now so you better watch out,” Akhtar said further.

It is noteworthy that the date Akhtar has told to mark is the same as the launching of the fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). A good number of his followers have over the years expressed their desire to let him participate in the premium T20 league of the country.