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Fake neurosurgeon arrested from Multan’s Nishtar Hospital

MULTAN: A fake doctor was arrested from Nishtar Hospital Multan on Sunday after which a total of seven quacks have been apprehended from the hospital during the last one month.

According to details, a quack identified as Javed who pretended to be neurosurgeon was arrested from Nishtar Hospital.

In the preliminary investigation, the detainee revealed that he was serving with a retired neurosurgeon of the said hospital who was currently running his private clinic.

The quack used to refer the patients visiting Nishtar Hospital to the private clinic of his employer.

Last week, a fake doctor was arrested from the same public healthcare institute. According to media reports, a suspect wore a white lab coat to pose as a doctor and asked the medical staff to treat the patient on priority and conduct free medical tests.

During interrogation, the suspect revealed that he worked at a private clinic and confessed that he was not a qualified practitioner at which the police seized medicines from the possession of the suspect and launched further probe.

On January 24, a quack named Asad was arrested from Nishtar Hospital. He had been working as a fake doctor for the past eight months at the hospital.

The security in charge of the health facility, Sabahat Sher, suspected the man’s activities and he caught him. Later, he called the police and handed the accused over to them.

During interrogation, the culprit disclosed that he was not a professional doctor. Asad confessed he had been cheating patients and hospital staff for the past several months. The suspect was often part of surgery teams that conducted operations.

The accused was also involved in minting money from patients and was earning a handsome commission by sending them to private laboratories and clinics for tests and checkups.

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