Crucial for Pakistan to be part of Afghan peace process: Bilawal


WASHINGTON: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Friday night said that it was crucial for Pakistan to be a part of the Afghan peace process.

While addressing a gathering at the US Institute of Peace, the PPP leader said, “Pakistan needed to strategise for the time when the American forces finally pull out of Afghanistan.”

Bilawal, who later also spoke to journalists, said that “the solution to any conflict was reconciliation and that peace in Pakistan was directly related to that of Afghanistan’s,” adding that “reconciliation is not assuring the enemy and agreeing to their demands but when all stakeholders realise the error of their ways, accept responsibility and reach an understanding after acknowledging the mistakes”.

“If one stakeholder is satisfied and their demands accepted it would then be destructive for Pakistan and the South Asian region,” the PPP chairman said.

The PPP chair also spoke about the US-Pakistan relations and underscored that Islamabad had made innumerable sacrifices in the war against terror


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