Academic Ammar Ali Jan released on bail after being arrested over PTM protest


Academic and human rights activist Ammar Ali Jan was arrested by Gulberg Police early on Saturday morning but was released on bail later during the day.

“I am under arrest at the Gulberg police station. There is an FIR against me for participating at the protest in Liberty against the killing of Professor Arman Loni. The police raided my house at 4 am to arrest me. I am a law-abiding citizen and will not be deterred in the fight for justice,” he said on Facebook on Saturday morning.

CCTV footage of his arrest is also doing rounds on social media.

Other human rights activists took to social media to protest against Jan’s arrest.

“Ammar Ali Jan—PhD from Cambridge returned to #Pakistan do teach at public sector universities, engage with students&campaign for social justice. Was a)fired b)maligned c)arrested & now d) booked in cases for ATTENDING A PROTEST! Citizens wanting a better country are NOT suspects,” tweeted journalist Raza Rumi while sharing an image of the FIR.


According to the FIR, Ammar Ali Jan, along with others had tried to incite people to violence against the state, adding that they had raised slogans against state institutions. Ammar had led protests in Lahore against the killing of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) leader Arman Luni.

Later during the day, however, there were reports that he had been granted bail.

“Just learning that bail has been granted to Ammar Ali Jan. Like with Gulalai Ismail, the initial relief (in her case, the end of her illegal detention) should not displace the outrage. Peaceful protest for fundamental rights – no matter how unpleasant – cannot be criminalised,” tweeted Mosharraf Zaidi.