When the border becomes a weapon

  • Security is vital for economic and social progress
Present government, especially the garrison, knows the “western border” is not only dangerous but hazardous and should be treated that way Every measure should be taken to make it invincible and inaccessible especially for Indian intelligence terrorist agents, who use it as a passage of their entry to create disturbance in our country. The previous governments never were concerned about this very sensitive fact. Now, this 2,430-km long border is under “securing process” with construction and stringing of double row barbed-wire fencing expected to get completed within next few months. National security is vital for economic and social progress.
India in connivance of Afghanistan government has always used the “western border” as a deadly weapon against Pakistan. The western borderlands have become a death trap for our country. Thousands of people intersected this 2,430-km long line illegally and caused destruction in our country since 1980.
We should never compromise on national security for purely budgetary reasons, knowing our neighbours are dangerous and we must always be prepared for anything that might threaten our national interests and security. With fence along 2,430-km, we hope that there will be no crisscross along the line and no more deaths. Under the circumstances, along remote trails in the Waziristan section of the borderline, development can touch its peak with basic necessities along the corridors. The present federal government is trying to make the peace a priority on humanitarian basis.
The absurd and preposterous charges by Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam against the garrison, is the part of a long-term strategy to send a dangerous message to Indians, as Nawaz Sharif always favoured India, to continue disturbance in our territory, for that matter India wants to use its Afghan agents as and when required, but there’s no more safe-side for terrorist agents, crossing our border is a crime and our forces know how to deal with criminals. The Garrison has tried all sorts of maneuvers to control the un-authorised border crossings, which could only be controlled with a wall or fence in between the two countries spread in a hilly terrain with number of hidden passages. Now, after the double fence spread over 2,430-km the western border will be secured by at least 95%. Chances of underground hidden passages are there, but can be controlled with RCC bunkers along the fence at the later stages, if required. In addition, instituting new checkpoints along major routes farther north will also restrict the illegal entry. Major border towns have gained military-grade infrastructure: sensors, barbed wire and a big increase in border patrol by the garrison.
In the past three decades, deaths of innocent citizens in that area have risen even as attempted crossings have decreased, because the open border allowed Indian trained terrorists, majority of them were agents from Indian intelligence agency RAW.  It is unbearable and intolerable to let them carry on with their illegal activities in our territory. Indian agencies since long are involved to train Afghan people for their ulterior, devious and mysterious motives.
Now, this 2,430-km long border is under “securing process” 
Legal actions against all crossing the border illegally is very important, our frontier force and garrison are just one component of a wider movement against terrorist agents crossing our border. The deployment of active-duty troops to the fenced border, widespread terrorist activities of Indians will definitely be controlled and reduced. Garrison and civil administration are all churning wheels in an apparatus of policies intended to make crossing the border a death sentence.
Present government and the garrison know just how deadly the conditions along our borders are. In 2017, the Garrison initiated the strategy of “Prevention through Deterrence” sealing off the border with fencing, which resulted a lot of resentment from India and Afghanistan with cross border firing and killing of our innocent citizens and army personnel. Policymakers didn’t bother outfitting the entire length of the border with barbed-wire  fencing because they knew that other parts of the terrain were so harsh that people would die trying to cross them.
Before moving to the fencing project, the policymakers had all the sense of how unforgiving the hilly terrain may be. The first team visiting the full length of border and hilly terrain was stunned by how endless the sky and earth felt. But soon began to see each part of the hilly terrain within the context of a security for the country.  A long journey to make in such brutal conditions, but important to stop the border from becoming a weapon, and adequately protecting the national security against the continuing threat by India.
At the end of the day, the goals are simple; safety and security.