Shaan urges artistes fighting depression to fight for country instead


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

LAHORE – Superstar Shaan Shahid on Friday took to social media to post in support of actors ‘choosing to be’ depressed, among whom, the Arth star maintained, was he himself.

Giving his own example in how he has battled, Shaan urged artistes fighting depression to fight for their country instead.

“Walking the thin line. For an actor or artist, depression is a tool to achieve a state or an emotion to capture the essence of an expression. For example, there are many non-state actors trying to achieve a state,” Shaan wrote on Facebook.

He continued, “An actor who is living in a different character, or for his eyes to look sad, has to feed depression to his mind so that he/she can achieve the right expression… Sometimes it’s the right for a separate homeland.”

Shaan said that fighting for one’s country – whether already existing or one that is being strived to create – is the greatest fight.

“Unfortunately, [the non-state actors] tend to cross the line and get addicted to the depression and the pain. They should instead cross the line of control and give the enemy pain,” the Waar star concluded