PTCL seeks customers’ consent to stop sending out monthly bills


LAHORE: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has sought the consent of its customers to stop mailing them hard copies of their monthly landline/broadband bills in a bid to go green.

“We as a company have a commitment to the environment, and as an effort to save trees, we wish to curtail the use of paper,” the national telecommunication company said in an email sent to its customers Thursday.

Therefore, as one of the many steps, we intend to introduce paperless billing, the email read further and sought the cooperation of the customers.

The move comes months after Prime Minister Imran Khan formally launched the “Clean and Green Pakistan” campaign to tackle the challenges of rising pollution and global warming.

Climate change is one of the main issues that PM Imran’s government aims to tackle through initiatives like tree plantation.

According to experts, Pakistan is facing enormous environmental challenges.

A survey conducted by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute ahead of the 2018 polls found that respondents prioritised three key environmental issues – rising temperatures, water shortages and air pollution.