Civil society demands increase in educational quota for disabled persons


ISLAMABAD: The civil society here on Thursday demanded the government to increase two per cent reserved educational quota of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) as it is insufficient owing to their population.

It was added that the reserved seats also require one to go through a complicated system of registration.

Robina, a social activist, said that disabled people have to prove their mettle in every field of life despite facing many odds which is why they are well facilitated to acquire education around the globe but here in our country, it is very difficult to even get admission in quota reserved for them.

She added that getting an education has become only a dream for disable persons in Pakistan as the education sector has been commercialised.

She said that it is very difficult to get admission for a disabled student until or unless he or she is completely disabled or has a disabled person certificate.

She demanded of the authority concerned to increase their educational quota and to make legal provisions so that all the disabled persons who get admission in all universities should be provided education free of cost, adding that it was important for their equality among others.

A disabled student Ossama, expressing his disappointment in not being able to get an education despite his best attempts, said that he felt his future was nothing but bleak.  “Where ever I applied, the reserve seats were already filled,” he told.

He said that acquiring an education is every person’s dream and wish in today’s world and being discriminated and ignored breaks his heart.

He appealed to the government to increase the reserved quota of education for disabled persons to at least 5 per cent.