ATC seeks challan of Chinese consulate attack

Security personnel reach the Chinese consulate in Karachi after an armed attack

KARACHI: An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Wednesday gave a deadline of three days for submitting challan in the Chinese consulate attack case.

As the ATC heard the explosive and weapons act case against five facilitators of the consulate attack, Gulshan Maymar police pleaded for more time for submitting challan of the case and the court, granting the plea, gave them a deadline of three days.

The accused, Ahmed Hasnain, Nadir Khan, Ali Ahmed, Abdul Latif, and Aslam are in prison on judicial remand.

The police stated that Abdul Latif and Aslam have already recorded their statements and revealed their involvement in Chinese Consulate attack as a facilitator. Further, police have claimed that arms including a hand grenade, RPG rocket, Kalashnikov, TT pistol, explosive material, and cell phones were recovered from their possession.

The ATC sought challan of the cases and adjourned the hearing for three days.