VIDEO: Zartaj Gul interacts with students on importance of environmental protection


Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir on Monday shared a video clip on social media where she can be seen interacting with students and emphasising environmental protection.

“Our nation is truly blessed with smart kids! Raising further awareness in this generation to drive cleanliness and to engage in mass plantation is something all of us must strive for,” she wrote on Twitter.

In the clip, Zartaj lays out the importance of planting trees.

“We can plant trees that provide shade so we can avoid sunlight, we can plant trees that have flowers so there is beauty,” she says.

“And if we plant trees that provide food..” she says but a young student completes the sentence for her “then hunger can be eliminated”.

The state minister also highlights the importance of cleanliness.

“We should keep our rooms clean, our homes clean, our schools, our streets and our cities clean,” she says before a student adds “we should keep Pakistan clean”.