Faisalabad doctor accuses police of injuring family in road accident


A doctor in Faisalabad has claimed that he and his family sustained injuries after being in an accident caused due to a recklessly-driven police van, a private media outlet reported Tuesday.

Reports quoted Dr Kamran, head of the affected family, as saying that he along with his wife and two young daughters were injured after a speeding Punjab Police’s Elite Force van overtook and stopped right in front of his car on the Faisalabad Expressway.

“I couldn’t control the car and we fell in a ditch,” he said and claimed that the cops then fled the site of the accident.

“We remained in the trench for half an hour before our friends came to the rescue and shifted us to a hospital.”

Dr Kamran further alleged that he called the police helpline but no one helped him. “They did come to the spot, but after listening to what had happened, they went back without doing anything.”

“The incident took place on February 1. We couldn’t report it earlier because all of us were in the hospital,” he said, adding that they had also written to the provincial police chief and chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) to inform them about the accident.