Decade’s delay in construction of Dhoke Syedan Degree College protested


RAWALPINDI: Citizens of Rawalpindi have protested against the non-completion of construction work on Dhoke Syedan Degree College which has been going on since the last ten years in Cantt area here.

Due to the delay in the college’s construction, the cost of the project has increased by Rs40 million.

An approval for the construction had been given in March 30, 2009, at a total estimated cost of Rs3, 55, 69,000.

Out of this amount, the then government only released Rs1.5 million. Later on, from 2010 to 2013, no funds were issued and in 2014, the construction cost increased by Rs5,16,48,000.

Out of Rs 5,16,48,000, the government of that time issued funds of only Rs2,76,00,000 and again no funds were issued in the next year taking the total cost up to Rs 5,68,00,000.  In 2017-2018,  instead of issuing lump sum funds, only nominal funds were issued.

Now the construction cost of college has reached Rs7,1024,000.

Rs62,9,000 are payable dues to a private company that had obtained the contract of construction of the college.

Directorate Colleges Nazim Jehanzaib Khan has contacted Punjab Higher Education Department for acquiring these funds.

On the other hand, the protesters have demanded of the related authorities to complete the project as soon as possible to avoid the loss of educational activities of local students.