3,599 missing persons recovered, 2,178 cases still pending


ISLAMABAD: The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances has disposed of 3,551 cases of missing persons up to January 31.

“Out of 5,777 cases, the commission has disposed of 3,551 cases up to June 30, 2018, due to personal efforts of Commission’s President (r) Justice Javed Iqbal,” said a handout issued here on Thursday.

The commission received a total of 5,706 cases up to December 31, whereas 71 more cases were added in the list taking the total to 5,777 in January 2019. It disposed of 48 cases in January.

The commission conducted a total of 503 hearings among which 300 were in Islamabad, 71 were in Peshawar, 49 were in Karachi and 83 hearings took place in Quetta.

A total of 3,599 missing persons were released and safely returned to their homes.

The number of pending cases now stands at 2178.

“Honorable Justice Javed Iqbal and other members of the missing persons commission not only gave each family a personal hearing but also tried their utmost for the earliest recovery of the missing persons,” said a statement released by CoIoED Secretary Farid Ahmed Khan.

The relatives of missing persons have appreciated and acknowledged the tireless efforts of the Justice Javed Iqbal and all members of the commission in this connection.

“It is pertinent to mention here that Justice Javed Iqbal does not receive any salary while working as the commission’s president and considers his responsibility as a national service,” the statement concluded.