Corrupt Sindhi leaders trying to divert attention through protests: Haleem Sheikh


KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter general secretary and parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh on Sunday said that corrupt rulers of Sindh are threatening of protest movements to avoid accountability, while the province lacks basic facilities.

According to the details, Haleem Adil accompanied by MPA Dua Bhutto and other PTI leaders visited Thatta and Badin after which he made the statement.

When the PTI leaders reached Civil Hospital Thatta at Makli, the patients complained about the lack of facilities. They said that the x-ray section of the hospital and store were closed and patients were facing a lot of problems.

Later, PTI delegation also visited Golarchi and inspected hospital, trauma centre and water supply scheme where the situation seemed bleak.

Addressing the PTI workers, Haleem Adil said that it seems that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government has handed over Sindh to NGOs. He said that instead of giving basic facilities to poor people the provincial rulers are threatening of protest movements to divert attention from their corruption. He said the people of Sindh would never forgive these corrupt rulers.

He said that the budget of the Civil Hospital Thatta was increased from Rs300 million to Rs750 million and was handed over to an NGO. But instead of improvement, the condition of the hospital has further deteriorated.

“On Sundays no facility is available to patients in the hospital. The Sindh government should pass a bill to tell the patients to not visit government hospitals on Sundays. No emergency medical treatment facilities are available to patients either. Due to lack of ambulances, patients are brought in open vehicles like cattle heads. The hospital is not a health care facility but a butcher house,” the PTI leader lamented.

He said due to use of contaminated water, citizens are braving different diseases but the Sindh government is not ready to take serious steps for the supply of clean water, adding that a project initiated in 2012 to set up trauma centres in 40 tehsils is yet to be completed even after the passage of seven years.

He said medical equipment worth Rs20 million was purchased for Golarchi trauma centre, which has now rusted due to non-usage. “The Sindh government has thrown a budget of Rs3.25bn down the drain in the name of healthcare,” he stated.

Haleem further said that irrigation water is being stolen from Golarchi and tens of thousands of acres have already become barren and the situation here is even worse than Thar.

Speaking on the occasion, MPA Dua Bhutto said that people even do not get clean drinking water in Sindh. “The contaminated water being supplied to poor people should also be supplied to the Bilawal House so that they should know about the plights of masses. Provincial rulers are least concerned about the people of Sindh and are only concerned about hiding their corruption which enables them to live lavish lifestyles,” she said.

She vowed to show samples of this contaminated water in the Sindh assembly as even the most basic facilities are a dream in Sindh.

“We will expose the corruption mafia and not leave the masses of Sindh at their mercy. We are struggling for the rights of people who would soon get rid of these corrupt rulers,” she concluded.