SHC commends Punjab police, wishes it were in Sindh


KARACHI: Justice Aftab Ghorur of the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday remarked that the province’s crime rate will fall in a day if Punjab police were to be deployed in Sindh.

A divisional bench of SHC comprising Justice Aftab Ghorur and Justice Amjad Ali Sahto heard a petition against increasing incidents of crimes in the province.

The petitioner’s counsel Muzamil Mumtaz argued that incidents of crime are on the rise in the province once again. “Mobile snatching is on the rise while the police have failed to control the crimes,” he said.

The advocate requested the bench to ask Deputy Inspector Generals (DIG) regarding the number of first information reports (FIR) have been registered for the crimes.

He suggested that mobile companies’ help could also be sought to ascertain the rights figures of mobiles that were snatched.

The applicant said that criminals roamed freely around the city with guns while the police waste time as they are least bothered and there is no one to hold them accountable about performing the duty they draw salaries for.

Justice Aftab expressed anger over the police on not submitting a reply in the petition and remarked that it is painful seeing the rampant crimes in the province.

He said that it is hurtful seeing news of petty street crimes in the province every day and if the situation seems like it will never come to an end.

Later, the bench ordered the Singh Inspector General of Police (IGP) to present a report on the matter by February 19.