World Bank’s neighbourhood improvement project in Karachi yet to be completed


KARACHI: The “Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement Project” launched by the World Bank in the provincial capital has faced delays and is yet to be completed even though its deadlines have passed.

The project was launched by the bank as part of the “Pakistan Vision 2025” programme in March, 2018.

While it was scheduled to be finalised in a span of 10 months, it has still not been completed.

In the first phase, the Rs1.4 billion project envisages provision of clean and healthy environment around educational institutes in Saddar Town, Malir and Korangi areas of the provincial capital. Further, the project is also expected to ensure smooth traffic flow in the areas.

However, roads around SM Law College, Burns Road and Sindh Secretariat that have been dug up for the project are hampering the flow of traffic.

Administrative affairs are expected to be dealt with under the second phase while technical work was to be done under the third phase.

However, none of the three phases have been finalised yet.