Rescue 1122 officer suspended for sexually harassing co-worker


LAHORE: A senior officer of the Rescue 1122 was suspended from service after proven guilty in harassing a female colleague.

On the complaint of a female employee regarding harassment at workplace, Punjab Ombudsperson Rukhsana Gillani conducted a detailed inquiry against the accused.

The complainant in her complaint alleged that the said officer has been harassing her for a long period of time by asking for sexual favours verbally as well as through text messages.

Punjab ombudsperson, after finding the officer guilty of harassment at the workplace, awarded a penalty of removing him from the service.

Gillani remarked that majority of females, despite having higher educational qualifications, confine themselves to their homes just because of the fear of harassment. Some of those women who participate in the workforce become prey to harassment which either result in losing their employment or pressure from their families to stay at home, she regretted.