MMI Hospital Safarooa Goth inflicts burn injuries on 27-year old patient


KARACHI: A 27-year old girl, Rabika Imran, was inflicted with received serious burn injuries on her leg during her delivery operation at Memon Medical Institute Hospital (MMIH) located in Safoora Goth area due to the carelessness and incompetence of doctors handling her case.

According to the girl’s father Rasheed Memon, “Rabika was admitted in the MMIH for her delivery operation at the hospital on January 16. During her operation on January 17, her leg was badly burnt in the operation room owing to the carelessness of the doctors and its staff. To make matters more frustrating, the doctors and staff of the hospital are covering up the truth in front of the family and police.”

When Rabika’s parent asked about the burn incident, the doctors failed to provide logical information or any satisfactory answer, on which her father called the 15 helpline. However, the hospital staff were able to keep the police out of the patient’s room.

It is pertinent to mention here that the injured girl was being treated by Dr Samra Kashif.

After a telephone call from an MPA, the police reached the hospital again and took pictures of Rabika’s injuries and registered a ‘Katchi’ FIR, instead of a proper FIR, on January 18 against the doctors and hospital staff.

The burnt girl’s father still wants to know how his daughter was so badly injured during a routine delivery operation in the operation room.

Interestingly, when the hospital was contacted, its director Khawaja Ashraf claimed to be completely unaware of the matter.