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‘Selected PM’ shouldn’t lecture us on political history: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: Referring to PM Imran Khan, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Central Spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said that a “selected prime minister and known approver of Musharraf’s dictatorship” shouldn’t lecture anyone on the political history of Pakistan.

In a statement, she said instead of misleading Pakistan’s youth with his vicious lies, Imran Khan should have told the students how to a dictator, Musharraf, abrogated Pakistan’s constitution, adding that he should have lectured the students on subjects of his expertise including “pathological lying, incompetence and opportunism.”

Marriyum, in response to Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry’s remarks, said that he should stop beating about the bush and tell the nation “Imran Khan’s vision to lie about everything, under every circumstance and to cover those lies by lying even more.”

“Fawad needs to educate the ‘selected prime minister’ about the history of Pakistan,” she said. “The prime minister stooped to record lows in his address to the students, the youth, the future of Pakistan. In his ignorance, vengeance and inferiority complex driven by envy for Nawaz and Shehbaz, the prime minister could not even carry the honour of the office he holds.”

“If Imran is so fond of giving history lessons, he should have told the students about military dictator Musharraf who desecrated democratic institutions and banished democrats of Pakistan. Why did the prime minister forget to tell the students about this autocratic approver,” asked Marriyum.

The former info minister called on the authorities to educate the students about how “Aleema Khan formalised her illegitimate assets”.

She said her party respects constitution and hopes to come clean against the accusations levelled against them.

“Imran Khan is the fake prime minister of an unlawful party who should answer the country regarding 18 fake accounts in foreign funding case in which foreign lobbies have heavily funded,” she concluded.

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