Govt laying foundations of democracy through accountability: PM Khan


–Prime minister responds to Shehbaz’s criticism, defends CM Buzdar

MIANWALI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that the government was laying foundations for a truly democratic system in the country in which every ruler would be held accountable by the public and they would have no luxury to fritter away the public money for their personal gains.

Addressing the sixth convocation of Namal College as the chief guest, the prime minister compared the despotic regimes with that of the democratic system and said that the west progressed due to the continuity of the democratic system which had merits.

He said that Pakistan was created under an objective and that was to follow the great principles of Riasat-e-Medina and the ideals of its founders Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal.

The Riasat-e-Medina had laid the foundation for the first modern welfare state in the world in which there was parity among all the citizens who enjoyed complete religious freedom whereas the ruler was held accountable, he added.

The prime minister observed that the Muslims laid the foundation of the greatest civilization in the world on the basis of Riasat-e-Medina.

“But Muslims lost the glory when they deviated from their basic principles,” he said and cited the fall of Mughal and other Muslim empires ruled by kings while the west gained by enacting the Magna Carta which attempted to hold the rulers accountable.

The prime minister said that the people could rise to heights if they had foundations in their culture but if an alien culture was imposed upon them, they developed slavish thoughts and found themselves lowly. Only independent minds could rise, he said.

The prime minister said that in Pakistan, military dictators also introduced Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in the power corridors though the former had struggled a lot.

Nawaz Sharif was made a chief minister and then the way was paved for him to become a prime minister on the basis of formation of IJI, he added.

Referring to Leader of Opposition Shahbaz Sharif’s criticism of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, the prime minister reiterated his confidence that unlike his predecessor, Buzdar would emerge as the best CM of the province.

He said that Buzdar would not misuse his office for setting up sugar mills or amass wealth. He neither uses a huge protocol nor flies in special planes and his son-in-law is not an absconder, he added. “He would not go abroad for his treatment rather he would set up quality hospitals in the province,” he said.

The prime minister further said that the chief minister belonged to the tribal areas which faced lack of basic amenities, including power supply and hospitals. “Buzdar is cognizant of the issues and is in the best position to tackle them,” he said.

“On the other hand, Shehbaz had assumed the charge of party affairs by default,” he said in clear reference to disqualification and jail sentence of his elder brother.

The prime minister, also in a vague allusion to Pakistan People’s Party chairmen, said that on the other hand, a father and his son were carrying papers to claim that they had inherited the party.

The prime minister further said that China had held its 400 ministers accountable on corruption charges. “President Xi rose to prominence with his 30-year-long struggle whereas Premier Li also had the same lifelong efforts in his political life because the country had the basis for merit,” he added.

The prime minister said that under the PTI government, the country was now heading towards such merits and expressed the confidence that Pakistan would soon rise economically.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, ministers, Special Assistant to PM on Political Affairs Naeemul Haque, academia, management staff, parents and students were present during the ceremony.

Referring to Riasat-e-Medina, he further said that its principles were rooted to lift the poor from poverty, besides special stress was made upon seeking an education “even if it was in China”. Seeking of education was equated with performing of religious duty, he added.

Narrating the long political struggle of Pakistan Tehkree-e-Insaf (PTI), he said that life never marched on the straight line as there were ups and downs. A successful person never nurtures for fears from his failures rather he takes the bull by the horns, he added.

The prime minister reminded the students that they had the immense potential to excel in life.  “The challenges in life will give you the courage to face them by using the hidden innate talents. Hard times can challenge you and there will be ups and downs, but the university education will equip you to better analyse yourself,” he added.

The prime minister, who is also the chairman of Namal College, advised the students that they should have no such objectives to amass money as the people who had the eyes on same goals were never witnessed enjoying a happy life. “You have to always ask yourself what was the purpose of your birth,” he said reminding the students to serve humanity instead of pursuing their personal gains and reject the materialistic view. He cited a report that 62 richest billionaires alone owned as much wealth as the poorer half of the world’s population and questioned what the use of such money was.

The prime minister said that Pakistan is blessed with huge natural and mineral resources but in the past, no plans were made to explore them. Even the investors had to flee the country due to rampant corruption, he added.”Most of us did not know how much we are gifted with,” he said.

Referring to a speech of Professor Hills, he said that California could produce in abundance despite inadequate water availability. He said that by proper mechanism and modern techniques, Pakistan could be able to export its crops. He also stressed upon proper exploration of mineral resources including oil and gas.

Pakistan stood at seven among the top ten countries producing dairy products, but still the country was importing dry milk from abroad because the famers did not know the latest techniques, he noted.

The prime minister further said that the new era was based upon artificial intelligence and pronounced that Namal College would become pioneer in the latest technologies.

He also expressed the confidence that the Namal would soon emerge as the latest knowledge-based institution and serve as model for other institutions.

The prime minister also congratulated the parents of the graduates and expressed the optimism that the degrees earned by students would help them carving out their career besides, economically bolstering their families. He also thanked those people who had contributed for the university despite criticism and lack of resources and also mentioned contributions of Rehman Mir, Ameer Musarat and the two visiting Professors Ashar Aziz and Hills.

The prime minister also inaugurated the academic block in the Namal Knowledge City.

Earlier, the prime minister as the chairman of the Board of Governors of Namal College also chaired its meeting.