Pakistan rejects The Economist’s ‘malicious’ report against PM Imran


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has rejected a report published by “The Economist” magazine for ‘maligning’ Prime Minister Imran Khan and termed it below objective and civilised journalistic norms.

A clarification issued by a high official of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said the fact that Imran Khan is equally popular among urban secular middle class as well as rural conservatives, is so painful to the newspaper that it goes to any extent to malign the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The clarification said equally unpalatable to the magazine is Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, the success of its armed forces in the war against terrorism, its defiant posture to regional bully and role of Pakistan army in protecting and promoting the national interest.

The official said it is for the people of Pakistan and its institutions to decide which path to tread. Their sole prerogative is to define and defend what they perceive to be their national interest.