VIDEO: Punjab Police now accepts alcohol as bribe over liquor possession


In a recent development, Punjab Police has been caught taking bribes in the form of alcohol when catching citizens in possession o liquor. A video was recently shared on local media in which a police officer could be seen stopping a driver who was drinking from a bottle.

However, rather than reprimanding, the police officer let him off by handing over a soft drink bottle so he could fill it with some of his drink.

It merits a mention that the law enforcement agencies in the province have caught much flak for overstepping authority and violation of duty. Last year, Pakistan Today learnt that Lahore police is busy blackmailing and extorting unwitting young couples in the city with impunity, as senior officials of the department look the other way.

Moreover, three cops of the Dolphin Squad were arrested by the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) team for looting citizens at gunpoint, bringing about embarrassment for police high-ups.