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Twitterati troll govt’s latest ‘national juice’ tweet

Social media can be a very entertaining place to be sometimes, or not, depending on what you come across and which side you are on. As of recent, Twitterati trolled Government of Pakistan’s latest tweet which was a poll asking users what the “national juice” of Pakistan is.

Like any other poll, the govt’s official Twitter account tweeted asking the users, “What is the national juice of Pakistan?” and gave three options; Orange, Sugarcane and Carrot juice.

While many of users did vote to answer the question correctly (in most cases), there were some who trolled with some pretty interesting replies.

Afia Salam, a freelance journalist, replied saying that the national juice of Pakistan is “dimagh ki dahi“.

Another Twitter user said, “Awaam ka khoon“, along with a lot of other users who tweeted the same.

And then there was one user saying “Lassi

From what it looks like “donkey meat” is also a national juice now.

And so is Murad Saeed.

Ammonium Nitrate too, apparently.

We love how ORS is an answer to everything as well.

Let’s not forget Pakola and Rooh Afza.

And of course, Shezan Mango Juice and “Karelay ka juice

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