Chinese passengers protest against customs duty at Islamabad airport


Two Chinese men on Friday protested protest against the customs duty on cellphones in a unique way by lying down on the floor at the Islamabad International Airport.

According to a report, Lian Zhehfu and Lei Zhentao landed in Islamabad from Urumqi via China Southern Airlines flight CZ6007.

After they exited the aircraft, they were stopped at a customs counter as they were carrying six cellphones. The customs officials asked them to pay $285 in duties and taxes on four of the handsets which made them angry.

As per the new ‘mobile tax policy’ announced by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, foreign visitors and travellers returning to Pakistan can only bring one handset duty-free while for additional devices, they have to pay applicable taxes to avail service in the country after 30 days.

But after paying the amount, the two Chinese passengers lay on the exit gate of the foreign arrival lounge to protest against the customs duty. According to them, they travel to Pakistan several times a year and should not have to pay the duty each time they bring in more than one cellphone.

The Chinese passengers ended their protest only after Airport Security Force officials informed them that their concerns would be forwarded to the ministry concerned.