VIDEO: Punjab police abuses, harasses Careem manager for refusing cab information


Officials of the Punjab Police on Thursday arrested a Careem manager after they took his professionalism as a personal offence.

Disclaimer: The video of the incident is to be viewed and listened to at your own discretion.

According to the details, the police officials had visited the office of online cab hailing service Careem where they demanded to be provided with information regarding a particular car.

A Careem manager present in the office informed them that they would have to fill out a form requesting the situation.

The manager explained that he was bound to follow proper protocol by his bosses and that he was not authorised to carry out any action which involved information of a customer or employee as per company rules.

Taking unnecessary offence and making it a matter of his personal ego, the police officer in charge directed his team to drag the manager out of the office and take him to the police station.

The Careem manager was subjected to distasteful expletives and abusive threats while being dragged and pushed towards the police vehicle.

Witnesses who were present on the occasion expressed disgust and added that everyone was aware of how an employee is bound by company rules and regulations no matter where he works.



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