Overflowing sewage at Jail Chowrangi continues to hamper traffic


KARACHI: Netizens of Sindh’s capital on Thursday found themselves in a traffic jam for the second consecutive day due to a sewerage line that had burst on University Road near the city’s Jail Chowrangi, causing a large chunk of the road to be swamped with water.

The Karachi Traffic Police Twitter handle posted an alert to inform citizens about the inconvenience. “Due to sewerage water at Jail Chowrangi towards Mazar-e-Quaid due to which traffic is moving slow and flow reported, please drive carefully,” read the tweet.

While speaking to a local media outlet, Karachi Police Spokesperson Sohail Jokhio said that traffic was moving slowly due to all the sewerage water that had inundated the road and was being redirected towards National Stadium on Shahra-e-Faisal.

He added that traffic police staff was present to ensure that the flow of traffic remains somewhat under control.

Jokhio also explained that the effect of one jammed road had extended all the way to roads linking the East district with the South district as the main MA Jinnah Road had to be blocked, adding that the recent launch of police checking of vehicles on main roads had also made commutes a bit slow.

On the other hand, some reports in the media stated that the burst pipe was of a drinking water pipe and not a sewerage pipe.

Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kaleem Imam, while taking notice of the issue, ordered zonal police stations to help the traffic police deputy inspector general (DIG) in making all possible efforts so that commuters do not face much hassle.