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Plethora of opportunities in Germany, just not for illegal immigrants

-Illegal immigrants lose the little privilege they had in their home country, life gets worse

BERLIN: Pakistani ambassador to Germany Jauhar Saleem, in an exclusive interview with Pakistan Today, has elaborated on the prospects of Pakistanis, particularly the youth, in Germany regarding work, studies and immigration.

While discussing the recently issued letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection to legal immigration to Germany, Ambassador Jauhar Saleem said that the skills of Pakistani workers are below par and rather substandard.

“Germany is revising their visa policy and are welcoming skilled workers. Although Pakistan is among the top five countries with skilled workers, these skills are not up to the mark when they come here for work. What is needed are marketable skills, and more quality institutions in public and private sectors to teach those skills,” he said while adding that language is a vital tool for those who are willing to avail opportunities in Germany.

While answering a question about what the Pakistani Embassy can do for the German companies/ businessman who are interested in working for Pakistan, he said that they can be helped in many ways.

“We can facilitate in match-making, connecting them with the most relevant authorities and/or people in Pakistan, we can help them in the visa process and make the linkage possible with relevant government officials, this is our job and we are happy to provide assistance,” the Pakistani envoy to Germany said.

Showing deep concern for students who wanted to pursue degrees in Germany, Ambassador Jauhar said, “Students who come on scholarships from HEC or other government agencies, have to make sure that they make the best use of their time. Whatever they are learning, do it properly, and then go back because that’s why they are here and that’s why the government spends money on them. The purpose of sending them here is that they contribute to whatever they can in Pakistan”.

“Secondly, people who have come here on their own have to keep their ears and eyes open to the opportunities they can avail. A lot of students who come for their master’s degree complete their degree without even learning the German language. Later on, they can’t find a job here if they don’t know the language,” he added.

“In addition, they should have knowledge about German history, a bit of the culture here and especially German etiquette to make the most out of their learning experience,” he further added.

Responding to a question about what is the embassy’s take on Pakistani asylum seekers was, he replied that it wasn’t too warm.

“We have an agreement with the German government, according to which we have to facilitate the return of any illegal immigrants to Pakistan, and we have certain responsibilities that we fulfil,” he said.

“Secondly, anyone who is seeking asylum makes the claim that they are not happy with their country, not safe etc. and we can not support this. Our job is to facilitate legal immigration and discourage illegal immigration as it is bad for Pakistan. Germans don’t accept that Pakistan is not a safe country and they are of the view that people have no reason to leave the country due to threats. This is why the asylum approval rate of Pakistanis is less than three per cent here,” he elaborated.

“People who seek asylum here on such grounds are misguided by agents and human smugglers who rip them off. The middle class and lower-middle-class people sell all their belongings to pay those smugglers and life is much harder over here than Pakistan when they come through illegal means. They lose their dignity and their self-respect in addition to their belongings and families. The people who encourage them are playing with their lives. I hear such stories everyday…its a tragedy,” he concluded.

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