No force can undo Pakistan, says Woman (#Arms Folded, #Spectacles, #Confident: Getty Images)


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

Despite all the nefarious designs against it, Pakistan is here not only to survive but also thrive in the modern day, said Woman (#Arms Folded, #Spectacles, #Confident: Getty Images.)

“Not only does Pakistan have a resilient population, but it also has a proactive cadre of professional armed forces that will put to rest any possible threat to the country,” she said. “Why doesn’t the US answer for the lack of progress of its so-called Afghan national rebuilding,” she asked, apropos of nothing.

She wasn’t alone in her views, however. “Pakistan also has amazing business potential, specially in the property, fertiliser and cornflakes/serial sector of the economy,” said Woman (#Impressed, #Reading From Laptop, #Happy: Shutterstock.)

“Boy, are some foreign conglomerates about to make money or what!”

“I also think it is a fun place to visit and ladies, believe you me, Pakistani men are cute as hell,” said Woman (#Flirtatious, #Laughing, #Holding Banjo: Getty Images.)

“People keep bringing up the whole Osama thing and the business with the Haqqanis but no one talks about the positives of Pakistan, like mangoes and Coke Studio,” said Woman (#Wearing Headphone, #Music, #Closed Eyes, #Smiling: Shutterstock.)