‘Hope Sarfraz gets away with it, especially what he said at 0:08 cc: @ICC,’ tweets Shoaib Akhtar with video link


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

RAWALPINDI – Former speedster Shoaib Akhtar called out Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed for his racist comments, urging that strict action be taken for the inexcusable act, while reiterating that he hoped that the skipper gets away with it.

Taking to Twitter after the incident in the aftermath of the second ODI between Pakistan and South Africa at Durban, Akhtar tweeted that Pakistan need Sarfaraz.

“Hope Sarfraz gets away with it, especially what he said at 0:08 cc: @ICC,” tweeted Akhtar with a video link where the Pakistani skipper was heard uttering the racist comments, with English subtitles underneath.

“What he said at 00:12 merits a serious ban, but I hope that it is overlooked and that no harsh penalty is given out to Sarfraz cc: @ICC, @TheRealPCB,” he further tweeted, sharing the link to the video once again.

“I am happy that Sarfaraz has apologised, but we need to set the right example so that nothing like this happens in the future. But I hope Sarfaraz isn’t punished for what he is saying in this video, cc: @ICC, @TheRealPCB, @OfficialCSA” Akhtar further tweeted with the video link.

At press time, Akhtar retweeted all his tweets, expressing a hope in a separate tweet that that the ‘incident is put to bed ASAP.’