Man sentenced to eight years for uploading women’s pictures to Facebook


PESHAWAR: A sessions court on Wednesday sentenced a man to eight years in jail for creating fake Facebook profiles and uploading pictures of women without their permission on those profiles.

The accused, Ahsan Shiraz, was convicted on cybercrime charges.

Additional Sessions Judge Kulsoom Bashir also imposed a fine of Rs50,000 on him.

A complainant named Syed Mehboob had filed a case with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), accusing Shiraz of breaching Pakistan’s cybercrime laws.

Following the FIA investigation and court trial, Judge Kulsoom Bashir found Shiraz, who is a resident of Peshawar, guilty on all charges and sentenced him to eight years in prison.

In July 2017, a man in Peshawar was jailed for 12 years for creating a fake Facebook profile of a woman and then blackmailing her.

The convict, Muhammad Munir, was arrested by the FIA in March 2015, under the Electronics Transaction Ordinance 2002. He was also ordered to pay a Rs0.3 million fine.

The duration of the sentence, which was handed down by Additional Sessions Judge Usman Ali, was unprecedented in Pakistan’s history of cybercrime cases.