Capital’s transgenders demand driving license


ISLAMABAD: Representatives from the transgender community on Wednesday demanded of the quarter concerned to resolve their long-pending problem of issuing the driving license to ease their life.

They were of the view that they face problems and victimisation while driving and can’t get out of the station except to go on a bus where they also face discriminatory behaviour.

“Usually I have to travel on daily basis to perform at events, whenever I go through, I have to give long debate in front of a traffic warden,” said transgender Alvina.

“Some time I pay an unlawful penalty or face discriminatory attitude by traffic police but unfortunately no one hears”, she said.

“Although the issue of ID cards have been settled, driving without a driving license is quite risky,” she added.

She said that other provinces have started giving licenses, but in the Federal Capital, only one transgender has gotten a license after strenuous efforts and many references.

“Whenever I go to apply for a license I have to face long queues and later they deny me a license and send me back without any reason,” she said.

She demanded the quarter concerned to solve their issue of driving license so that they can travel from one city to another without any fear.

She said there was a strong urge in the community to fight for their basic rights to bring them in the social fabric.

When contacted, an official of the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), Muhammad Matloob said that they have started issuing licenses to transgenders.

He further said that the problem would be solved soon by taking applications or tests on a priority basis.