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Weightlifter Maryam Nasim hits back at online ‘moral police’

Pakistani weightlifter Maryam Nasim, who is currently residing in Australia, recently became the target of ‘online police’ that lectured her about “Pakistani culture and ethics” after she posted some photos in “western” attire with her friends.

Commenting on her photos, one of the social media users wrote: “do not post the pictures of the western culture, which you follow,” while another wrote that she is enjoying after running away from restrictions in Peshawar.

However, Maryam Nasim talked to Pakistan Today and criticised “online Molvis”, saying that her personal life is no body’s business.

“I am neither promoting Islam on social media nor trying to portray an image of a typical Muslim woman,” she said.

“I have been targeted by such elements since ‘forever’ but the online bullying has reached its peak after I posted a few photos of a party with my friends,” she lamented.

Slamming the “online Molvis”, the weightlifter said that these “social media Molvis” do not have a life, asking them what have they done for the country.

She questioned: “Our society has real problems that need attention. If they care so much about culture, why are they sitting behind a computer and commenting?”

“Go and help little girls who are getting raped,” she said, adding that commenting on social media posts will not resolve the issues of Pakistan.

Further slamming the hypocrisy of people, Nasim questioned: “If you are such a big believer of Islam and follow the religion, why are you even on my profile? Why are you watching my videos and photos? Should you even be on social media which is also a form of fitna?”

She further said that she is doing what can be done to make a good name for Pakistan on different platforms.

While talking about ‘strong’ language she used on Instagram, she said that she thinks, one should speak to people in the language they understand. “There is no point for me to speak to someone in a language they would not understand.”

“So I’ve spoken to them in a language they understand. It’s true even animals aren’t safe because of most of these frustrated men,” she said.

Regarding the question about ignoring these trolls, the athlete said that if they can’t ignore it, why does she have to?

Giving a suggestion to the ‘moral police’, Maryam Nasim stated: “I think people should go out and start living their life instead of sitting idle and then commenting on social media and most importantly, they should mind their own business.

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