Political activist opens up about police apathy in father’s murder case


In light of the ongoing national outcry after the killing of four people in a “fake” encounter by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials, Faizan Khan, a political activist and economist came out narrating a similar incident of his own.

In a series of tweets, Faizan started off saying, “One day while watching Geo News, breaking news came up: Both my parents were reportedly shot dead in a targeted killing. I was 16 & my sister was 13, while we watched our world taken away in a flash.”

“We left for the village with the driver, it was hard to decide if I shall go see my father’s dead body or wait outside ICU, where my mother was fighting between life & death,” he further said, adding that apart from his parents, two of his cousins and his aunt were also shot.

He continued to add that after identifying the attackers, they lodged an FIR against “unknown suspects”.

“Been 12 years now, we moved on with life, time healed some of our wounds, what we couldn’t get was Justice & my Dad. 3 years into my father’s death, one day while I was taking a class at my university, I received a call from police alleging me of “ATTEMPT to Murder” etc etc,” Faizan said.

“Despite giving my biometric as well as CCTV of attending the class, the Investigation officer wrote that I was the one who fired. I left uni & started appearing in courts for a year or so,” he added.

In his final tweet, he said, “At the end, we were forced to take back our fathers murder case in return for finishing cases against us. I went to the UK, finished my education & came back to still serve my beloved Pakistan. It breaks my heart when state treats you like sh** despite countless sacrifices