PFA shuts down two factories producing substandard food


LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) shut down two food businesses producing adulterated food products in the densely populated areas of the provincial metropolis here on Sunday.

The raids were conducted under its Director General Captain (r) Muhammad Usman in the area of Badami Bagh and Taj Bagh after getting information from the vigilance cell. The authority confiscated more than 35,600 kilograms of unwholesome food products.

Usman said that provincial food regulatory body shut down Abdullah Grinding Unit on account of adulteration in Badami Bagh. He said that spices were being prepared on the floor earth by mixing bran (choker), sawdust and loose non-food grade colour in it.

These substandard spices were supplied in the adjacent areas without proper packing and labeling which is a violation of the Punjab Pure Food Regulations. He informed that the authority sized 19,000 kilograms of red chili, 17,000 kilograms of turmeric and a huge quantity of raw material on the spot. The PFA also collected samples of spices and sent them for laboratory test and further examination, he added.

In Taj Bagh area, the authority raided Bukhari Muraba (Jam) factory and sealed it by confiscating 350kg of rotten fruits, 200kg of sugar syrup, 50kg of harmful chemicals, 20kg of textile colours, and non-food grade drums.

The PFA DG said that the enforcement team also witnessed an abundance of mosquitos and flies in the blue drums which were being used for the storing of jam. He said that it is compulsory for food business operators to follow the law set by the authority.

The DG added that the authority has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against the food adulterators in the province on the directions of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar.

He vowed that PFA will control the food-related issues and eliminate the adulteration mafia from Punjab soon. He further said that anybody, including food business operators, can get the complete guidelines for running a good food business through PFA’s website and its Facebook page.