Low gas pressure irks citizens


SARGODHA: Low gas pressure has irked locals in cold weather as they have been forced to use LPG cylinders for everyday tasks, which are being sold at exorbitant rates.

The worst hit localities include Zafar Colony, Iqbal Colony, Gulshane Jamal, Satellite Town, Muhammadi Colony, Gilwala, Jinnah Colony, Muradabad and Farooq Colony.

A local, Muhammad Khalid, told APP that a new gas pipeline had also been laid to overcome the shortage, but the problem stood unresolved.

Illegal use of gas compressors at dozens of houses, in collusion with government officials, is worsening the situation for gas consumers.

An official of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) said that low-pressure issue would be resolved in a few days. He said that strict action was being taken against those using compressors in localities.