PM takes notice of negligence in resolution of public complaints


ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Office on Friday directed all the federal secretaries and chief secretaries of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to issue instructions to all of their subordinate organisations/offices to reopen/revisit all public complaints lodged through Pakistan Citizens’ Portal (PCP).

The directive was issued in view of the negligence on the part of officers in genuine resolution of public complaints and after the notice taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan in this respect.

According to a letter written by the PM Office and addressed to top officers of federal and provincial governments, they have been asked to issue instructions to all relevant organisations and officers connected with PCP to properly process the public complaints as per relevant rules/regulations.

For any inconvenience caused or inability to grant a relief due to, the citizen should be given an apology, if appropriate, the letter said.

The letter was written after Prime Minister Imran Khan taking notice of the public criticism on social media regarding resolved status of complaints, directed PMDU (PM Delivery Unit) for an extensive performance evaluation report which, according to the letter, was in progress.

The initial findings of the review have revealed that besides the subject issue; the complaints already resolved are devoid of courtesy, gratitude, guidance and official way of communication.

Lacking logical response with supporting paper/evidence as to why a certain relief could not be granted (where required).

Lacking evidence/proof in case a complaint has either been resolved or assigned to any office for further action. Soliciting information from the citizen without consulting his/her profile (unhidden).

Not sharing office contact details for convenience of the complainants while soliciting the requisite information.

Resolution of complaints in haste without proper processing just to show positive progress. Marking a complaint as resolved while it related to some other organisation.

The letter mentioned that a comprehensive User’s Manual “for Complaints and Suggestions Handling” had already been circulated and all the above-mentioned points were a violation.

Furthermore, the letter said, the quality of resolution reflected that the whole system had been left in the hands of lower subordinates with no supervision.

“The situation is alarming thus calls for immediate intervention at your end,” the letter addressed to top federal and provincial bureaucrats, stressed.