Lahore’s 10 year challenge: City of gardens becomes city of concrete


A series of images demonstrating the unsustainable development pursued by authorities in the city of Lahore in the past ten years were widely shared on social media as part of the 10-year-challenge.

Known as the City of Gardens, Lahore has lost most of its green cover in the past ten years owing to development projects and new housing schemes.

Here is a bird’s eye view of Chauburji demonstrating the change between 2009 and 2019.

“The soul of Chauburji, has sadly, been buried under concrete,” the original post read.


Another set of images shows how the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has expanded in the city, razing trees and using agricultural land for property development.

“DHA has eaten up some more agriculture area, and of course, trees.”




Here are two images demonstrating the expansion of the city in the past 20 years and the green cover the area has lost.