Nailed it: shockingly easy manicure trends for 2019


If you think that nails are something that can be ignored in your overall look, you are wrong.

Well done nails are the little details that can add or take away value from the way you look. A good manicure can go a long way and makes you look polished, neat and clean. But we all have busy schedules and manicures can take a lot of time.

Thank goodness for these new trends that can be done at home and barely take more than five minutes. Try some of these latest trends for this year and thank us later.

1- Minimal
Just a few lines with black and white. This manicure will match every dress.

2- Glitter Cuticles
A little sparkle never hurt anybody.


3-Coloured Dots
Use any colours you like and you’re good to go.

4- Half & Half
Unique and fun! Save time and save your nail polish.

5- Pastel Tips
We love pastels but you can go bold if you prefer.