#Police4U: Karachi police launches app to reform ‘thana culture’


Karachi Police has launched an application by the name ‘Police For You’ for citizens to lodge online complaints. The app, currently available on the Google Play store, will also facilitate users in “character certificate applications, tenant registration” etc.

According to Karachi Additional Inspector General of Police (IGP) Amir Ahmed Sheikh, this initiative has been taken to get rid of a regressive ‘thana culture’. It brings the citizens and law enforcement agencies together on a digital platform

On the portal, citizens can report crimes such as bike snatching, mobile snatching, cash snatching and other forms of burglary. There is also a victim support service. In order to report a crime, citizens will need to provide their phone number, the area where the crime took place, date and time etc.

In case of a mobile snatching incident, IMEI number will be needed, while in the case of a vehicle snatching, details such as model, vehicle number and registration number will need to be provided.

It is pertinent to mention that the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police had launched a mobile application last May which could alert law enforcement officials to the location of a crime through a GPS service.


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