I have Benazir’s poster in my university room: Malala


Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai revealed that she has the poster of Muslim world’s first woman prime minister Benazir Bhutto in her room.

“I don’t like to put up posters or pictures in my room but I have one particular and that is of Benazir,” she said.

Malala has recently launched her second book titled “We are Displaced” in which she has shared the stories of different women who had to leave their native countries to move to other parts of the world as refugees.

Sharing about her book, Malala wrote on Instagram: “I wrote #WeAreDisplaced because we hear so much about refugees and immigration – but we don’t hear enough from refugees themselves, especially girls and young women. These are stories of harrowing journeys, lost loved ones and longing for home. The resilient girls in this book show readers the real lives behind the statistics, news reports and rhetoric we hear every day.

Proceeds from every book sold will benefit the girls in the book and @MalalaFund’s work for girls’ education.
How can you help refugees today? Buy this book and learn about their lives in their own words.”