AJK PSC topper arrested for protesting nepotism in appointment


Sehrish Sultan, hailing from Pallandri in Sudhanoti district of Azad Kashmir,  who topped the Public Service Commission exam and yet was not appointed to any post, was arrested for protesting outside the Prime Minister Secretariat in Muzaffarabad on Monday.

She has accused Law Minister Farooq Tahir of nepotism by having his niece appointed to the post. When she decided to lodge a protest along with her senior uncle, law enforcement officials dragged them on the roads before taking them into custody.

Later, it was reported that Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has taken notice of the incident and rebuked the concerned police officials. He has also directed the minister for education to meet the aggrieved party and submit a report on the matter.

Speaking to a private media outlet after release, Sultan said that she was sent to the minister who has assured her that the issue will be resolved. However, she says, she had come to the secretariat because the prime minister had promised her that she will be compensated for the unfair treatment.

“We were not allowed to protest and physically assaulted while being moved to the prison. Now, this is all being done to suit political agendas. If my issue is not solved, I will do what I can have it registered”, she said.


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