With 89pc, Pakistan tops the list of most patriotic nations in Asia: Gallup


According to the latest survey conducted by Gallup, Pakistan topped the list of most patriotic nations in Asia leaving behind India, Bangladesh and China.

World Index shared the results of the survey on its Twitter handle in which Pakistan is at the top with 89pc with Vietnam in the second place with the same percentile.

ASIA: Willing to fight for the country:

Pakistan: 89%

Vietnam: 89%

Bangladesh: 86%

Afghanistan: 76%

India: 75%

Philippines: 73%

Thailand: 72%

China: 71%

Indonesia: 70%

Malaysia: 63%

South Korea: 42%

Hong Kong: 23%

Japan: 11%

Bangladesh with 86pc and Afghanistan with 76pc  are at the third and fourth position respectively, while with 75pc, India is at the fifth place.

Furthermore, China is at eighth position with 71 pc. as Japan is at the bottom of the list with 11pc.

It is important to note that Pakistan also topped the list in 2017 with the same 89 per cent.