Imran Khan’t! TV analyst Hassan Nisar regrets supporting PTI


Prominent analyst Hassan Nisar expressed regret that he had urged the public to vote for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) during the general elections last year. “I had assumed that they had done some form of homework on governance before coming into power, but it seems they were out on a picnic or on a date and suddenly found themselves in positions of power,” he said while talking to a local media outlet. “They keep on making task forces, I had thought these task forces were already made. I assumed that party members who seemed educated – intellectuals, professionals, technocrats – must have worked on the issues.” “I did not think they were so incompetent,” he added. “They gave off the impression of competence and ability, and I regretfully bought into the narrative,” Nisar said while adding that “I did not think there was any reason for them to lie”. “Another important belief I held but now do not agree with is the view that an honest and sincere man at the top can make things better,” Nisar lamented. “Pakistan and India’s history clearly shows this belief is incorrect,” he added. In response to a question, the prominent analyst and journalist said that he doubts both the capability and the intention of the current group of people in power. “Other than Prime Minister Imran Khan, I am very doubtful of sincerity and honesty on part of others,” he said.


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