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Outgoing chief justice says police should be independent

ISLAMABAD: Outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar said on Monday that the police should be a strong and independent force while being free from any interference.

In his address at the launch of a police reforms committee report at the Supreme Court, the chief justice said, “People ask me why did you take notice on Pakpattan DPO’s transfer.”

“It was not meant to benefit any individual but because a police officer was asked to explain his position to a non-office bearer… this downgraded the position of the police department,” he said while defending his stance.

The CJP also cited the example of Islamabad IG’s transfer “for not answering a call from a minister,” adding that the police official was later transferred respectfully after his intervention.

He argued that independent police force was a prerequisite for a transparent and efficient justice system in any country.

The CJP said the report provided a roadmap to overhaul the police department, keeping in view modern challenges.

He emphasised the need to implement it in letter and spirit to bring about a change in the functioning of the police department.

The chief justice said depoliticising police, and making it people friendly, were the core recommendations of the report.

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