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PIA to ensure expeditious clearance to avoid flight delays

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to expedite the clearance of crew members at airports in order to avoid flight delays.

According to a notification issued by the national airline on Sunday, the crew members from government agencies would be helped on local and international flights to avoid having to spend time standing in long queues.

Members of the cabin crew earlier faced difficulty as the loader service had been closed while the PIA staffers had to pick their luggage and then take it to their airplane themselves.

The flights were reportedly delayed due to members of the cabin crew taking time to reach the planes.

“All shift station managers are required to ensure that staff is available in each shift for crew assistance to save them from hassle of waiting in line,” the notification read.

It added that the designated staff will ensure expeditious clearance of crew members from the government agencies on both arrivals and departures.

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