Int’l Sikh rights group condemns India’s RAW for Chinese consulate attack


ISLAMABAD: The international advocacy group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) has sent a letter to Islamabad-based Chinese ambassador, condemning the Indian intelligence agency RAW for their role in funding and executing an attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi.

It also offered Rs1 million to the families of the security personnel killed in the November 23, 2018 attack.

SFJ, which is running a secessionist campaign “Referendum 2020” to liberate Punjab from Indian occupation, in its January 12th communiqué to Yao Jing, stated, “For the last three decades India is working to disturb the peace, security and stability of the region involving China, Afghanistan and Pakistan through waging proxy wars and unleashing terrorism in foreign lands.”

“India’s involvement in terrorist attacks is nothing new for the Sikh community as it has suffered numerous terrorist attacks planned and carried out by the Indian intelligence agencies, including 1985 Air India (Kanishka) bombing in Canada,” the SFJ communiqué stated.

Citing Indian agency RAW’s executing of July 2018 Jalalabad attack on Afghani Hindus and Sikhs, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the legal advisor to SFJ stated, “India is not only sponsoring terrorism in foreign countries to discredit Pakistan but domestically also it is violently crushing democratic movements for independence from Punjab to Kashmir”.

“To show solidarity with the victims of India’s terrorism, Honorable ambassador, through your office, SFJ wishes to donate Rs1 million to the families of the security personnel’s who died during the November 23 attack on Chinese consulate”, the SFJ communiqué concluded.


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